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Либеральная Россия на основе КОНСТИТУЦИИ РФ-1993г. | Политика

The international theme.Peacekeeping initiatives.

(L. Bogomolov, from POLITICAL isolation for work on the Constitution of the Russian Federation).


1987-1993.The creation,establishment and registration in Ministry of justice of the Peasant party of Russia(CRC) and the death of the national idea in 1993.(Substitute part 3 tbsp. 13 part 4-General joint.The CPSU.Primarily Russian parasitism lawyers=criminals against Russia).


For discussion of the developments of the political Constitution of the Russian Federation-Bogomolova:



1.The STATE of a single territorial space of the validity of the BASIC law=of the Constitution,which establishes the political system, CIVIL SOCIETY,clearly defining the RIGHTS and DUTIES of citizens and separately-state security structures,functioning on the budgetary market.

2.CIVIL SOCIETY-a community of individuals,

possessing RIGHTS and duties vested by the CONSTITUTION,which defines the SERVICE functions of state structures in the protection of society on a budgetary basis.

3.POLICY-civil activities 

exclusively on direct work with the CONSTITUTION-

sphere of application of living the CREATIVE FORCES of a multiparty system of civil society in the process of continuous improvement of the political regulation of the relationship of citizens and government protective structures,

ensuring safe functioning of civil society.

4.A POLITICAL PARTY is a creative asset of the individual or like-minded people,creating the POLITICAL program of the CONTROL SYSTEM components of civil society.

The party of the wealthy in the presence of intellectual FORCES,

able to develop and formulate POLICY INNOVATION in the process of improving a SINGLE of the BASIC LAW(CONSTITUTION)of the countries of the world.

5.A citizens BUDGET is the main the country's budget,

a fundamental bulwark of which is laid in provincial towns and villages on the basis of LAND BANKS,concentrating around the taxation system to progressive 

development and growth of monetary savings in personal accounts.

6.The CONSTITUTION IS the BASIC LAW=the first political document,

which CLEARLY regulates the device,the rights and duties of the legislative,Executive,judicial MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM within civil society on the basis of the CIVIL BUDGET.


The GOAL of the LIBERAL RUSSIA(1990)

1.The creation of a UNIFIED CONSTITUTION 

countries of the world.Rights and FREEDOMS

2.Protection of the liberal CONSTITUTION of the Russian Federation, 1993.

A new concept of liberalism



the financial system .

4.The separation of state and civil society.

5.ADDITION and UPDATE dictionaries and encyclopedias in accordance with the REQUIREMENTS of TIME (item 13,including 3),constitutional political innovation:

the introduction of new CONCEPTS about POWER - the details and explanations are enclosed).

 Author Bogomolov Lyudmila Grigoryevna.MTS-connection:+7(912)248-68-32.


P.S. be translated into different languages of the world and send diplomats to improve international law.Либеральная Россия на основе КОНСТИТУЦИИ РФ-1993г. | Политика

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